Impromptu Beer Night - Waltham - Wed 7th May -Jakes BBQ place

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Best thing to do is check the valves twice! It may take a little longer but if you are not used to it then def worth doing. Im not sure what valve clearances are on the 400 but here is what I do for the 750 (intake 0.002; exhaust 0.003). I set the intakes for 0.002 and then go back and check that I CANNOT get the 0.003 gauge in their. Same for the exhaust -after setting to 0.003 I make sure I cant get the 0.004 in there. And check again that you can get the 0.002 and 0.003 in their!

Good luck!
Andy (on 2-wheels!).

andy- I'm going to go through it all again- both are .002 on the 400, and I broke two feeler guages as I went around trying to make sure things were tight enough. (I fished out the pieces). I'll attempt patience and double checking, both of which are against my nature.

750 K2:
hi guys!  great idea of the beer night but i can't make it.  wednesday is movie night with my elderly parents...i'm working them through season 4 of the sopranos...go figure.  andy, no rush on the carb sticks.  if we can meet up friday night, that work for me but if not then we can make it for next week!  have fun gang!
btw, i muddled through setting the valves and the timing on my 750.  if it weren't for the sohc site, i'd have been totally lost.  next i'm going to pull the carb rack (again) and reset the float heights and ready them for the final tuning.  i'm really looking forward to seeing how this bike sounds when i'm done!

Frank Im planning on coming to yours Friday night and dropping off the carb sticks.

Any news on the tank?

Dont worry we`ll have a beer for you tonight :-)


750 K2:
hi andy - no news on the tank yet...i'll call at the end of the day and keep you posted!


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