Scotts front GL wheel


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Scott said:

Is it just the 4 bolts on the bottom to yank it off?  If I get it to a shop that has the tire it shouldnt be too much(time) for them to mount and balance a new tire?  I HAVE to get the front done before the trip.  I will take care of the back after the trip if needed.


Anyway, my Gold Wing has Two sets of four nuts on the bottom, don't know why, but there's actually 4 on each side.
Also, of course, the speedo cable comes out. The difficult part will probably be getting the brake rotors to slip out from under the calipers. You may need to partly remove the calps.
Make sure you know which way the the speedo goes (I use a crayon to make an arrow in the direction of travel on the brake rotor) and tell the shop so they get the tire on the correct direction.


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