86 GL1200

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Well, here it is. I finally got out to western Mass. to pick up my friend's uncle-in-law's 86 GL1200. I bought it sight unseen, but for what I paid, I'm quite happy. Here's the gory details...

The good ship "Gold Wing"

Get ready for your closeup, Aspencade.

Hmmm, what's in here?


You'll appreciate this feature Ben- Time to freshen up!

Mandatory mudflap.

NASA, your control module is missing...

Breaker, breaker. Broken :(

Suspension too soft? Too firm? Nope- just right!

What is in this treasure chest?

A back rest. What every elderly motorcyclist needs!

More after I start it up tomorrow...

Good photos and it looks very clean! Good buy! Looking forward to the start up review!!

Good luck!

Cool Chris, The hygiene cubby in the trunk is a necessary accoutrement for any outing!!

Congrats on your purchase. Those intimate interpersonal connections alway help in finding good deals!

Looking good Chris.  It even has forward controls, no leg bending required!

Great buy, Chris. It looks to be in very good shape. Do you need a sidecar?  ;)


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