Can I buy a (new) Motobatt locally?

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Alan F.:
Can I buy one locally or am I stuck buying from the Internet?

Any advice on these? I've read all the talk and it all seems positive for the past few years.
I think with a two-year warranty it'll be fine, but if there's someplace local so much the better.

I liked all the reviews stating that their bikes just sit unridden most of the time, and when finally taken out they fire right up, that about covers my needs.

Alan I bought a couple of Motobatts from Amazon and was very happy with them - love the 4 point connections. On the other hand Anders has had bad experience with them and wont buy them anymore. My K4 Motobatt battery going strong for 4yrs now....

Alan F.:
From my reading it seems like some sellers who move more product have a lower instance of "bad customer experience" than those who sell lesser numbers. And not just statistically....

Is it possible that Anders bought from a different seller than you?

Do you recall who it was you bought from? (Seller name) if they're still there under the same name they may be fully reputable by now.

Alan, I have bought approx 10 Motobatts. 2 of them were shorter lived than I thought reasonable. I like AGM batteries in concept, like the Motobatts because of the quality and quantity of hardware, but do wonder whether AGM is as durable as liquid cell type. I also have interest in Lithium ion tyoe.

Should you not feel comfortable with Motobatt, Look at the Bike master True Gel?

I purchased a mottobat for my 350f, it didn't even last a year.  Has at least one bad cell.  According to anders, they are cheap Chinese junk and fail due to vibration.  Based on my experience, i would have to agree.  I also purchased mine from amazon. 


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