Grrrrrr.... I hate my bike in the morning....

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The choke is doing its job.... I'm wondering if the battery is part of the culprit.... I'll prod around... Gotta love 10%ethanol

No idea what you guys are doing back there but bikes can start fine in the cold all other things being good. When I rode to work when it was 25F the K4 would fire right up...but then again it does run slightly rich  ;). Points to consider....

1. Choke - has to be working correctly - you already said it does - how do you know this?
2. Check spark plugs - are you getting a good spark? Even one crappy plug is going to mess things up for you if one of the other things (choke/fuel/battery) is off.
3. Battery - a weak battery will always make it harder to start.

Good luck! This is NOT normal!!


Quote from: Alan F. on June 01, 2009, 07:55:07 PM

Maybe some dry-gas will help until the temps warm up?

  Agreed it's not a real solution... ;)

Maybe a bonfire under the bike  ;)

If it spins slowly w/o catching- suspect battery. Buy a gel batt or a batt tender.

If you've already gone thru one tank of last year's fuel and have this year's fuel in it, and still have the problem, suspect carbs.

Didn't you have to ride this bike with the choke half closed last year? Dump a can of Seafoam init if you're not pulling the carbs.

Change your oil, put in a lighter grade, until the temps warm up a bit more. It's possible (but not likely) that oil pressure is staying too low and Mr. Honda has something preventing the engine from starting.

Andy never rode in 25F degrees.  ;D kidding

Last resort, take off the airbox and give it a tiny shot of ether one morning and see if it fires rights up.


I drove in this morning... I am hoping its a weak battery.  A can of seafoam it in the works .... I have yet to go through an entire tank of gas although its mostly new gas at this point.

I was right about the a commute... its great.  And I want to kiss the inventor of the fastlane transponder.  :-*


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