250 miles before noon

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Good ride Ben!

At 11.30am we left Roslindale in the humid heat and rode up 128 to Rt 2 to Gardner/Rt 140. Very hot! Stopped at the Mobil gas station at Rt 119/RT 140 as we always do. Continued on Rt 119 to Brattelboro picked up some lunch and then onwards up Rt 30 N to River Road where we parked the bike and walked up river to the swim hole.

Left the river at 6pm had dinner on the roof deck of RiverView cafe next to the river/bridge at Brattelboro...beautiful night by the river. Continued down Rt 119 to Rt 78 (great road but it was dark!)...and onto Rt 2...still on the same gas tank since Boston!!! Squeezed 178 miles out of 4.45 gallons!!! My best yet  ;D ;D

Got back at 10,30pm after a spirited ride down Rt 2. Round trip ~ 250 miles.

Great day! More tomorrow but this time the 750 ;)


Much better mileage than over the winter on the Strom, eh? Why do you think that is? I like Brattleboro, and it is beautiful in western Vt. all the way up except for Rutland, which should be excommunicated from VT for being so ugly. Sounds like you know your way around that area, secluded swimming holes etc.

I've got to go down to NYC today, but have to haul some furniture for my daughter, so no bike. Hope everyone gets out today!

Different fuel mixture? Temp? Both these things? Not sure but def happier...

Here is a couple of photos of the bridge from NH over to Vermont as seen from the roof deck of the River View cafe - can recommend it for the view ;)

and looking up river from the table..



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