Northern Quebec trip -2010

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May I have some more please, sir?

Basically, there's one road out of Chisasibi, and one road south back to Matagami. So backtracking on the previous day's route, Very little was different from the day before. I'll share some pics of the oddities along the way. I stopped and boiled some water, and had a freeze dried bag of scrambled eggs and bacon at one of the "rest areas'. Also, anyone that watched the Vancouver winter Olympics may remember the emblem they used, which was taken from First Nation's tradition. These statuettes are along the road, but are usually pretty well hidden, and you have to have sharp eyes to notice them. there are no signs that say "Cool stone totem ahead" or anything.

I did see some wildlife. What I thought initially was a wolf, turns out to be a coyote, but I was able to stop in the road for more than five minutes, trying to coax this little guy out of the brush.

As far as remoteness goes, I went sometimes 2 hours between seeing another vehicle in either direction. That's not to say that there wasn't someone 20 minutes behind or ahead of me, but it makes for an interesting ride, to say the least.
There are crossroads up there. Fairly evenly spaced there is are three 90 or 100 km dirt roads extending to other Cree villages along the southern coast of the James Bay. And then there is the North Road. Or Rue du Nord. The entrance to the North Road is about 100km south of the gas stop. The North Road is 400km (256miles) long, and is unpaved for its entire length. There is one gas station. It is located at KM300.
It extends from The James Bay Rd. to the town of Chibougamau which is essentially located in the center of Quebec province.
Also, about 150km north of the gas station is the Transtiaga Highway. This is an extremely remote road, leading 666 km east - almost to Labrador - with no settlements or towns aside from Hydro Quebec's settlements for workers (not open to the public). At the far end you will be 745 km from the nearest town! This is the farthest you can get from a town on a road in North America! (Not counting the private Hydro Quebec towns that are not open to the public). It is also unpaved.

 After 7 or 8 hours on the road, I eventually got back to the little town of Matagami. Time for food and fuel. I wanted to get back to the town of Amos by nightfall to set up camp. At the gas station, I came upon this wonder of engineering:

I found the two intrepid travelers inside the restaurant. Daniel and Michel from Montreal had been up and back on the road on an 08 ST1300, and 78 CB750K. Strangely, i hadn't seen them at any of my stops.
I spoke with them, got directions to the campground about 180km south, and promised that I would look for them at the campground.
Three Beasts:

Coming up- the way back, and home away from home, 400 miles from home.


Excellent trip report! I can see Ill need to employ Chris in the future to write about my travels  ;)

good stuff!

Thanks-Im already planning next year's trip. I'm thinking to go north of Quebec City, to Lac-St.-Jean, then east, cross the St. Lawrence by ferry, and zip around the Gaspe peninsula clockwise, then into ME via New Brunswick, and traverse the entire state, N to S. Should be about an 1800 mile loop. Any takers for next spring?



   Damn Chris...You're having a great time, I'm envious. Seeing that sohc4 out there is inspiring too. I gotta get out more often... ;) ;D ;D ;D Carry on and keep us posted.



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