Northern Quebec trip -2010

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Very nice Chris!

How cold was the Arctic ocean?  Did you go swimming?


Just kidding, that is me, but at a beach considerable farther south.  ;D

Quote from: frostypuck on August 19, 2010, 02:33:51 PM

Just kidding, that is me, but at a beach considerable farther south.  ;D

Thats you? You swim? Wow....learn something new every day...

So, when we last left my story, I had just completed the ride to the end of The James Bay Rd. and back to the town of Matagami, where I had met Michel and Danny from Montreal area. I had parted ways with them, anticipating seeing them roll into the campground at Amos, some 180km south. turns out while on the outskirts of Amos, while I was trying to use my three words of French to ask concise directions from a lady at a store who spoke no English, around the corner come my two new traveling comrades. I jump on my bike and eventually catch up to them just pulling into the town of Amos.

Somewhere along the way I was 2000 miles from home...

Oops, doesn't look quite right at 75, let's slowdown to 63mph...

I ask Michel if they are heading directly to the campground, and he says yes, and would I like to follow.
We end up staying at the "camping municipales" just outside Amos. Danny and Mike share a site and the campground operator gives me the site across from them. Each campsite has enough room for a car, tent and fire. And each has a picnic table. Mine was just down from the bathrooms, but very nice for $24. They have their tents up in no time, and soon we make formal introductions.
That night was very good. I bought the beer, they bought the firewood, and I found out that Both Michel and Danny have a small collection of 750's.

It turns out that Michel, Daniel, Michel's brother, and another friend all bought CB750's in the summer of 1977. They ended up with 4 consecutive serial number K6's, all different colors. The astounding part of the story is that all four friends still own and ride the original bikes! Two of the bikes are US spec with mph, while two have km's. All four bikes have driven all over North America. I don't think there's a part of Canada or Western US these bikes haven't been to. Their first-ever road trip together in 1977 or '78 was from Montreal to the beaches of Hyannisport. They even camped in Brockton one night.
A friend of a friend heard their story, and got Moto Journal (the #1 motorcycle magazine in Quebec) to write a story with accompanying then and now pics
 that should be coming out in the next couple months!
So after too many beers and too many mosquito's, we arose the next morning and decided I would ride with these guys all the way south back to Montreal, and stay the night with Michel and his girlfriend. With that I bid adieu to northern Quebec...

Remember this church from earlier? Two great creations...

So after another 12 hour day, and riding thru montreal's rush-hour traffic, we arrive in the suburb that Mike and Danny call home. After some beer and relaxation, we head over to Danny's place to see his collection. Most of his 750's are on the first floor, and his projects are in the cellar. We didn't get a chance to go to Michel's brother's house, who apparently has a barn with around 50 bikes, 12-15 of them are sohc 750's and then there's H2's, Z-1's etc, etc. Danny also showed me a calendar that had two bike he had sold featured on different months.

this is what I walked in to...

Andy would approve the choice of handlebars- Could be a Canadian spec?

A K8, a K2 and a K7...note the helmets on the back wall-

His original K6- with nearly 200,000km (120,000 miles)

anyone sense something different about this one?

Anyway, I've kept in touch with the guys, and hope to meet up with them in the fall someplace around the white mountains.
I took off the next morning for the quick (relatively) 5 hour ride back to home.
All-in-all, not the most exciting trip, and I wouldn't do it again, but I am glad I did it the first time.
Now to find a Tim Horton's...

Wow!  I just got back from being away from computers for a while...quite a trip you took. And some lovely weather as well. I think putting studded tires on and circling Antarctica is the obvious next trip. (maybe a few more gas cans).

I'll have to see if I can squeeze in the chicago-nc-home loop I've been thinking about for this fall...less wild and wooly, but those trip pix are a good reminder of how much fun it is to be out on the road.

See you at beer...( is there one this week? I'm confused).



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