RMV and paying the tax.

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Anyone register or title an older/used/classic/antique motorcycle recently?
I was wondering how the MA RMV  curently calculates/determine the value for the purpose of taxes on a private purchase.
I have read in another forum to expect paying taxes on an outrageous value above and beyond the KBB/other publishings etc.

Thanks in advance.


   I don't remember what my excise tax(scam) was this year...and I'm not about to go scouring through piles of paper to find the bill...but it was pretty minimal, like a few $'s. I don't think the powers that be have caught onto what special rides we have. As far as sales tax goes...6.25% unless you're claiming you paid 50 for the bike then they might want to look into it. Also, if you don't do the paperwork when you buy the bike they will charge you interest on the tax due when you get around to it.


Alan F.:
In 2007 i titled my K3, i think they vaued it at $600 and taxed me on that.

Typically they can only check as far back as 1984 online. If it looks really suspicious, they'll call boston, and check. FWIW, they use NADA.com which tends to be higher than KBB.com
The last 10-12 times I've registered vehicles, they have checked the book value. Ask to see what they are looking at, as sometimes they'll select the Good or Excellent value and you can get them to check off Bad or some lower one.

Does anybody have access to the NADA book.
Just planning ahead to make sure I budget the tax.
What is the book value range for a 1978 Honda CB750 Super Sport?


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