RMV and paying the tax.

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Alan F.:
We bundled the nighthawk in with the two cars, i think its like $265 for the year, but its a 92 model...

The MASS DMV uses the NADA Guidelines for determining values on old motorcycles. Go here to see values for Vintage motorcycles from 1905 to 1994:  http://tiny.cc/7np99 .

The way I do it is to go there first and see what the LOWEST value they list is for the motorcycle I want to register (or get a title for). This is the LOWEST value they will use! I don't care if you have a Notarized Bill of sale for $100.00, they WILL NOT TAKE IT! But I have YET to EVER have them argue with me about the value as long as I give them THEIR bottom value.

I used a value of $600.00 for my 1971 CB750K1 and they didn't say boo! Here is what they value it at as of today:

August 27, 2010
Vintage Motorcycle
Model:    CB750 FOUR   



 Excellent:       $3,350
 Very Good:       $1,875
 Good:       $950
 Fair:               $700
 Poor:       N/A

 Totally sucks but it is what it is!

Cheers, Phil

Quote from: frostypuck on August 27, 2010, 09:34:38 AM

$100 a year!!!?!?!? :o
Mine is $600/year with the minimums to get it on the road! Combined with the second bike, we are roughly $1000/yr. That's with a clean record, no accidents, and 5+years with the same company.  :'(

Ouch, thats steep.  Again i only valued the bike at $600 and i think i have a $500 deductible.  So basically if i wreck it, i get nothing.  The other thing was i had been with columbia for about 4 years with no accidents.   When MA opened up their insurance to the big companies, i found out i was getting super porked by them and switched to Progressive.  They have been a pleasure so far. 

My 76 CB750 costs me $75 per year and my 2004  Honda 919 (CB900F) costs $240.

Come on up to Maine where insurance is cheap because jobs are hard to come by  ;D


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