Autumn in VT

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Alan F.:
Thanks Gents, sure was a nice day. (saturday)

It was the perfect Fall weekend in Vermont. Saturday was bright blue skies, nice breeze and temps in the mid-70S - perfect riding weather! Unfortunately I forgot my camera but as you can see Chris did a good job of recording it all. We had a group ride on Saturday - 5 guys all around the same level riding a mixture of dirt roads and empty paved roads going up to the Northeast Kingdom.

We had a few wrong turns as we were following a guy with an old GPS and so we would often end up on someone driveway which was a single track road up a steep rocky hill!!  :o. Good experience to be on dirt though and all bikes handled it the same (BMW GS1200, VStrom 650, 1000 (x2) and a KLR) -although the KLR handled it very very easily ;).

Sunday I came back the long way going over the Green Mountains on Rt 11 and then back over via a dirt road (Kelly Stand Road  - only open in winter)  -I can highly recommend this road as once over the worst part the road is paved at the end and is a well paved sweeper road - wonderful riding!! Foliage was excellent!

Very good weekend! Next - the Adirondacks in just over a week ;) This time on the CB750.


On Saturday morning, we gathered at the General Store (as you do, in Vermont) and figured out which one of the groups of riders we wanted to tag along with. Some were doing hardcore offroading, others were staying strictly on roads. We wanted a mix. We ended up riding with a Greg on a 650 v-strom, a Lee on a 1100 BMW, and another Greg on a KLR. The KLR Greg is a blackmith who had been featured on American Chopper a couple years ago, and Lee had ridden to Alaska.
We took off on some dirt roads. The Vermont version of a dirt road is something else. They are often smoother and better maintained that the paved portions. I think I remember reading that only 50% of the roads in VT are paved, but I think that's hyperbole. It seems like its around 35%.

Some moving shots of stunning scenery...

Andy and Greg-the-Blacksmith trying to catch up...

As we rolled along, we often turned off onto random dirt roads. In some instances, the dirt roads devolved first to gravel, then loose gravel, then dual track, then single track, then often popping out into the dooryard of some farmer. We were luckier than some of the groups. One bunch ran into an crazy, angry farmer who fired a shotgun at them, and another group turned up in the middle of a meth factory. We, however, just found ourselves turning around, often with a dog or two watching. One road turned into a logging trail, which proved v-strom-proof.

This is why we stopped...

...but not KLR proof

Some were less lucky than us and didn't make it out

Back in civilization, we found more picturesque, Vermont typical places to stop for pics. This General Store had a bank, post office, video store, hardware store, and grocery all-in-one.

Does your Starch Factory have a Snack Bar? I didn't think so.

By the time we returned to the campground, we had covered about 140 miles in 8 hours, and then the fun began. The BBQ was great! 70-80 or so guys, under one roof, partaking of cooked animal.

The bonfire where we roasted a Harley on a spit...

Now I'm going to try and swipe some pics some other guys took-

What the...?


Helpful bunch, those ADV'ers

This just in...Maybe a Dirt Ninja isn't the best idea someone's ever had...


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