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It looks like you're pointing to the valve cutouts on the tops of the pistons, but I can't see the damage there. In any case, it's not the pistons that'll be the problem here, it's the valve stems that get bent and wear the valve guides.

It seems like you're going to go for the rebuild at this point anyhow. We'll talk more this eve, but if you want, bring the cam, and the chain guide and tensioner, and we'll have us a little show n' tell!

Alan F.:
Am I looking at the wrong thing or do you have two distinct types of pistons in there? It could be that a chain had let go, chewed the cover and tunnel, but a couple of pistons may have hit some valves too. Yhat'd explain the dipperent piston types.

I've got some K8 top end hardware too if you need anything else let me know. I think I have everything except the cam,  towers, and valvetrain....so rockers/shafts and nuts/bolts if you're in need.

Andy you aren't trying to scare me off so you have the fastest 750 in the land are you??   ;)   Thanks for the heads up on cost.  The reason i was thinking about going bigger was because there is a 836 kit floating around ebay for about $145 shipped.  It includes pistons, rings, and gasket.


TerryfromAustralia bought one and said it was pretty solid quality.  The seller is currently sold out, but supposed to get another shipment mid Jan.  I was planning on getting one then, maybe even 2 at that price   :o :o  I already have a set of HD studs and a full gasket set from cycle X.  So with work from mreick and labor for block, i think maybe around $1000 to $1500??  Not too bad.  Plus Novartis will be picking up the tab  ;)  We can talk tonight :D

Ben, I love a good show and tell!!  Consider it done!

Alan I have no idea what i may or may not need outside of a cover.  I would just hold on to what you have until i figure out what is good and what is trash.  Thanks for the offer and I may take you up in the future. 

Wow Treeve congratulations!!! We have much to talk about!!!

And yes your estimates for cost are about right for labour.

See you later

Treeve 15 - Studs 1   ;)


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