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Alan F.:
Quote from: andy750 on December 12, 2010, 09:55:45 AM

You should be an Admin Alan ;)

Quote from: frostypuck on December 13, 2010, 08:16:36 AM

I tried to figure out how to give Alan Moderator privs, but that needed to come from higher up. Perhaps next time you run into Scott?


Thanks for the votes of confidence. I happened to bump into Scott on monday....wish granted thanks to the S-Dog.
Anyone have any pointers, or should I just use common sense?

Ask me before doing anything!!!

Just joking ;) I think we are now all moderating Mike...and we know how much he needs it!  :D ;D ;D

Mike will never be moderate, thank goodness!

Quote from: azure on December 22, 2010, 09:45:06 PM

Mike will never be moderate, thank goodness!

   Thanks Ben for recognizing that...although you'd need 20/400 vision not to see it. ;D ;D ;D 

   Well, now that just about everybody except me and some newbies seem to have freakin'..."GLOBAL MODERATOR" status maybe I should start providing you knuckleheads...not you Ben...not you Chris(ooooh administrator...WELL EXCUSE ME!!!)...not you Allen...not you Scott(Grand Fromage)...not you henchman with the wrench...with a reason to moderate me.

   Nah...I don't think so. From now on I'm as pure as the driven snow...until I drift.  ;) ;D ;D http://lunkhead.net/wavs/drink.wav


All you had to do was make it to the magical 375 post count and automatically you become a mod.
Now you are required to attend beer nights. Happy?



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