Rookie from Boston Ma.

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Hey guys, i met Phactory at the vintage show in Lakeville this sunday and he introduced me to the forum. pumped to be here.  Gotta '74 750 that i wouldn't trade for the world. Hope to see you all out on the road soon.

Welcome to the Forum! I also have a 74 CB750 will be interesting to compare. Where are you in Boston? We have a couple of rides coming up:

1. This coming weekend - Rhinebeck, NY
2. Weekend 25th/26th  - Boston to VT ride
3. Weekend 2/3rd July - ride to New Brunswick.


Alan F.:

Andy, im over in the south end right now but moving this summer, will definitely be staying around town though. would love to compare bikes, my bike isn't as stock as she looks right away and has various amounts of rust on her right now, a project in process if you will, but she runs perfectly, and im finding it harder and harder to work on her instead of riding it with this weather. Very into a group ride, i'd definitely like to get on that boston-VT ride. i love it up there. Do you have a route in mind or is it a play it by ear sort of deal?


Hey Austin, welcome! 


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