Gerbing T5 heated gloves - initial ride report first impressions

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I have had many many types of winter gloves over the years from the bulky to the new leaner style ones - usually they all have Thinsulate and I find they are good down to around 32-35F if you have an added heated packet (the hiking type) in the back of your hand.

So here are my initial impressions having just worn my new Gerbing T5 heated gloves for my 20-30 min commute to work. Temps were 30F leaving the house. I dont have the heat controller yet and so simply plugged the gloves directly to the battery. Paul at MotoMkt had warmed Id be burning my hands or it would be too hot but this was not the case and my hands felt toasty for the whole commute. Usually by the time I get on Rt128N from Rt9 my heavy duty Scott gloves are starting to make my hands cold and my finger tips will be freezing by the time I get to work...this morning this was not the case and hands were kept decently warm. So now Im thinking is the controller really necessary?

I did notice my torso was cool compared to my hands even though I was wearing a heavy winter jacket, and thermal hoodie over my work shirt. Heated liner would certainly have been luxurious here...just a thought for those considering heated gear.

Wasnt too happy though riding on wet damp roads though when its sub-freezing and its hard to see the ice.....


Ill add an update as of tonight...the heated gloves almost burnt my hands tonight!! Seems that when its 50F out there is no need to have them full blast!!! Oops! Lucky the controller is in the mail...Paul at MotoMkt offered to UPS it over to me...

Thanks for the review Andy.

Sounds like they are doing the trick Andy! I think Peter M. uses them as well and likes them. I have heated grips on the K Beemer and they work well with medium weight gloves to freezing or so. I wanted to see how winter gloves would work on bikes like the SV650 and my old CB, where there's proly not enough juice to run heat gloves/grips/ other clothing. I'll see how the Rhode Gear Ultras function  tomorrow when I ride down to Pembroke to check out a bike for sale.

I was thinking about you riding this morning as I was checking out the icy roads around here. Take it slow, will ya?

Good morning Ben,

Heated grips will work on the CB750 - this is my next project. I have the heated tape to wrap around the bar then slide the original grip on top. Just need to install them. Others on the main forum have used them for years with no ill effect.

Looking forward to your glove review!

And dont worry always careful on damp cold roads...speed goes way down as does cornering!


I just rolled in from a 3 day trip out to woodstock, ny, and the heated gloves were fantastic...and as Andy said, a little too warn at a few points.  I had been planning an escape, and decided to ignore the aftermath of the big snow and go anyway, keeping a very careful eye out for black ice.  Western Mass was big snowdrifts and lots of downed trees, but once I got on the Taconic Parkway it was unscathed. I was all bundled up, but the gloves made a huge difference...and now I'm getting too spoiled, and had them turned on medium on on the way home, when it was in the fifties. So much for being a hard-assed biker dude.

But the gloves are also great gloves by themselves, unplugged.

peter m


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