Americade Impressions....


I had a great time out there.... the vendors were cool and theres a ton of stuff to look at.  I loved that there are all kinds of bikes and trikes.  Everyone seemed friendly and the  area is really great.

The cops seemed to be in full force on Thrusday.  I did not see any blockades, but I saw tons of peole pulled over... It looked like one of 2 types of people that were pulled over.  Young kids on rice rockets or Harley guys with modified exhausts... Cop presence was in full force but most seemed real friendly and it seemed like they were just keeping the peace.

I only saw one accident.  A guy on a CRAZY chopper bumped into this old lady outside of town at a stop sign.  It gave her a little dent in her rear quarter panel and it looked like no damage to his bike.

The layout of the event was a bit confusing, but I think next year it will be easier to follow.

I will go on more excursions next year also.  We waited till Saturday to go out and it was way too hot.

I will absolutely go next year.  I think most of my riding will be in Vermont.  That is my favorite state to ride in so far.

Thanks Scott! BTW do you have a google route map of the roads you took?

Good impressions!


Sounds like a good time

If you go up again when the crowds are gone the roads are a blast to ride. Go North a bit to the Lake Placid area then head west. Last year I left Lake Placid at 7AM heading west. Not a person on the road till after 10. I rode some great twistys and at one point had to pull over just to look at the mountains. I sat on the side of the road for 1/2 an hour and never saw a car.

With a bit of luck I will ride that way again this summer.

That sounds great Gene, we're going back in July I hope.

Good to hear Gene -Im going there for a weeks touring on the 21st June  ;D


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