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Howdy folks:

Just found out about this forum and I thought I'd throw my hat in the ring.

My most recent acquisition is a 1974 Honda CB450. A good friend of mine in Pennsylvania had it for quite a while, but is battling rheumatoid arthritis which makes it difficult for him to ride. He offered it to me for nothing more that the price of going to pick it up.

Here it is when I got it:

I recently sold the W650 in the background. In the coming weeks, I'll have the Honda cleaned up, with new tires mounted, new fork boots, lower bars and a smaller taillight.

I've also got a 1965 Allstate scooter that I restored a long time ago:

Glad to be here. I'm hopeful I'll meet up with you all at some point. I rode out to Rice-O-Rama this fall and had a blast!

Welcome! Thats a beautiful colour on the CB450 - very original! I also like the Allstate scooter.

See you around sometime - maybe at our next beer night in December.


Welcome, the bike does look great.   Hopefully we will see you around.


Hi and welcome,

Glad you found us! My first bike was a red 1970 CB450. Bought it in Feb or March of '71 for $700. from guy in my high school class who OD'd 2 years after, because my dad wouldn't sign on a new bike for me. I rode it really hard and it still used only about a buck a day for gas. I beat a few muscle cars including a 427 Corvette( that driver, who was good friend, also OD'd the following year) drag racing on that bike and also learned how to ride off road on it as well. I wouldn't suggest the off road riding to you with your new acquisition, it looks too good!

Hope you can join us at an upcoming meet,

Nice job on restoring the scoot, even more impressive considering how young you apparently were at the time.

Hope to see you at the next beer night, which someone will try to organize soon. Like maybe early next week?  Tuesday at the olde english ale house? Might that work for anybody?

-peter  (other peter)


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