Engine Swap Party - Friday Feb 10.

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I mentioned i needed to swap out engines on my K8 and a couple people said to my surprise it sounded like fun...who knew.  So, I decided to make it a party and offer beer and pizza for all the hard work.  Don't worry, you old guys can "supervise" to earn your food and beverages  ;).  Just let me know if you are coming so I can get an idea of how many pizzas we need.

Location: My house (pm if you need address)
Time:  Any time after 7pm
Goal: Swap out a leaky engine for hopefully another less leaky engine
Food/Bevys:  I will order some pizza and should have 5 gallons of a homemade sam adams knock off in the fridge.  Will also have some other random beer selections in the beer fridge.  If you want something specific, bring it.  

If you have any questions just let me know.


I don't know how much help I will be, but I like pizza and homemade (well, any) beer, so I am game. If no one else shows up, we will have a great evening finishing up those 5 gallons ;D

Oh bugger I think Ill be going away that weekend leaving Friday night :( If not then count me in - sounds like a real motorcycle beer night!!

Treeve, I'm not sure on the 10th, but would like to help if I could. I know you've mentioned it, but what vicinity of town are you in?
It would be great if you could remove the pipes, pegs, coils and chain, clutch, and throttle cables, carbs, and wiring and ground strap before we arrive, at least you'll have more time to put them away in a fashion that will make it easier to remember what goes where. i use zip lock bags and a marker.

Thanks guys.  I could make it thursday night if that works better.  Just figured friday would be more fun since no one would hve to work the next day.  Ben, i am in quincy and i will make sure and have it stripped down.


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