First motorcycle - Somerville, MA


Hey guys,

Got this '76 CB550 about 2 months ago and have been having a great time with it so far.  This is my first motorcycle, but I've been rebuilding/restoring/modifying vintage mopeds for a few years now.  Actually got this bike through a moped trade, so it ended up costing me next to nothing.  I've addressed (or had others address) most of the minor issues and maintenance operations.  Still has a slight leak from the valve cover gasket and the clutch is tough (or impossible) to get into neutral when at a dead stop, so I'll be looking into those things soon enough. 

Welcome.  And the bike the looks great. 

Why don't you see if you can get some Barnett clutch springs for that model, and as well a  new clutch cable if there is no more adjustment on your current one?

Welcome and congrats!

Alan F.:


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