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Hey guys. I'm Keith , 31 year old carpenter from Rhode Island. I've had a small handful of Hondas. My first was a twinstar (miss her) second I had an 82 nighthawk 650 (don't really miss), third I had an 89 hawk gt650 (sorely miss) and currently I am giving my best shot at building a cafe out of my 76 cb550f ss. I've got a BCR seat on the way, cr29 carbs on the way, dimecitycycles clubman bars and kuryagan silver bullets ready to go with some biltwell natural gum grips with the possibility of scoring an original Dunstall decibel. Anyway nice to meet all of you.

Hey Keith,

Welcome.  Sounds like you got a great project in the works.  We all like pictures and don't hesitate to ask if you need any help.


Sounds like you have a good idea of where you want to get to, good luck, congrats, and welcome!

welcome aboard Keith

I can't post pics from my iPhone apparently. I'll try from my laptop.


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