Ava run


Hey guys. I'm a newbie here buy I'd like to start a run of sohc bikes to support my friends epileptic daughter Ava. She's a sweet little 6 year old with severe epilepsy. He's a self employed landscaper. He and his wife can barely afford her medications. I'm not asking you to feel bad for him because he chose his own path, however she hasn't been given the opportunity to choose her own path in life. I don't have any specifics for the run, but I'd like to raise a little change to help her out. If anyone wants to partake, let me know. I really appreciate it guys. We've been given the OPPORTUNITY to ride these beautiful bikes, let's give her that same opportunity. Thanks from the bottom of my heart. Keith

A noble idea, but small reward for a lot of work. another way would be to contact an epilepsy charity on your friend's behalf and see if there are any charity runs coming up and how can your friend be included. Then get as many sohc riders together to participate.

Good luck,


You're probably right. He is a humble guy and doesn't let me in on much. I figured I'd give a shot here. I'll check into other avenues. Thanks.


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