European Motorcycle Day or Rice-O-Rama?

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Hey Everyone,

 Where are people going this weekend? European Motorcycle Day or Rice-O-Rama? I wish these guys would get together, so that I could attend both of these Events, AND the IMOC, out in Sturbridge!

 Personally I am bringing the Rickman to European Motorcycle Day, as the Competition will stiffer! I'll be riding in sometime before 10am or so! Look for the ORANGE bike!!

Cheers, Phil

there you go Phil, poll placed.

Alan F.:
I'm at Rice-0-Rama with a vendor space getting rid of lots of stuff cheap, everyone is welcome if they need a few square feet, but I'm packing the clown car so you'll need to haul your stuff in yourselves.

Thanks Chris! That works for me!

How are you feeling these days?

Thanks, Phil

P.S. Readjusted the Valves on Saturday and the bike runs SO MUCH BETTER!!! WA HOO!!!


 I wish I could go to R-O-Rama. I went the first year and had a great time! Oh well, keep hammering those guys and get them all to take their own weekend!! They are only hurting themselves!!

 Good Luck!



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