October beer night -Thursday 10th October 2012

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Quote from: andy750 on October 10, 2012, 07:12:11 PM

Quote from: knowsnothing on October 10, 2012, 05:22:29 PM

I am out as i am currently honeymooning  :P. See you guys when i get back. 

Ps - andy, when are making that run up to anders place so i can pick up that 350?   ;D

I am going this Saturday morning...cut short your honeymoon and maybe you can make it ;)

Hope you are having a great time  ;D Where are you? How was the wedding?!


Not sure the new wife would take kindly to shortening the honeymoon.  She has her mind set on oitlets on saturday........i cant wait......

The wedding was good, but i am glad its over.  We are currently at a b and b in the white mountains between franconia and crawford notch.  Its been chilly, but i still wish i had the bike up here.  There are some awesome roads up here.  She said we should come back on the bike and do the kangamangus.  Sweet!

Alan F.:
Sorry I missed you Gents, was stuck up in Maine workin.....
Was a good time had by all?

Hi Alan,

There were only 5 of us, Peter P., Andy, Alex and significant other, who is impressive and grew up riding bikes, even if I didnt quite catch her name, and me.
I had a marvellous time, I havent had much down time lately either, and this was just what I needed.

After we each topped each others stories about climbing Everest on motorcycles, we solved the worlds political and social problems. We couldnt however figure out what to do about the Red Sox.

Sorry you couldnt make it, but.... theres always next month!

All best,


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