Finaly made it over, SOHC4 member from Roslindale here

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Hi, I already know a few of you guys from SOHC4

I'm John, From Roslindale and I've for a 750F1, and the fiancee's got a 550F

my 750 looked like this about this time last year:

and now it looks similar to this (I've put the covers on and assorted trim/ brakes since this pic)

I've also got a couple of vintage honda scooters so if you see me out on them wave

Hello and welcome, John! I think Roslindale is the hub of cb riders on this forum as there are more folks from there than anywhere else.
Nice bike BTW!

Yeah, well I moved from JP to Roslindale to get a place with a garage for all the toys, I don't think the car's ever been inside

Welcome John!  Love the yellow.

Seriously Ben, Rosi has like 5 of them now....creepy.

6, if I'd have my way I'd love to do a cafe after building this one up as a stocker


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