March Beer night: Go carts and beer, how about it

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hey guys, so amazon local has a half off deal for F1 boston go carts in brain tree

Edited for March: let do this!

normally for a race its almost $40, but with the amazon deal its $20, use this link here to buy a ticket:

I propose we all get race passes, go racing some night then get food and drinks at their bar afterward, sound good?

if you don't use the promotional deal which ends in 6 days, you can always pay full price at the door

oh, and they let you use your own full face helmet, so bring one if you have one

the discount race ticket is good to June, but lets get this rolling for going in Febuary March while its still nasty outside

what to expect:

I like that idea!

I wouldn't be here between 14th and 26th though....

I can go as soon as this week or next week up till Wednesday the 13th , then I'm out of town untill the 19th

There is going to be an informal beer night this week - Wednesday 6th February -Napper Tandys, Roslindale Square from 7pm onwards.

Hope to see you there!


Let's do the formal one on the 26th, 27th or the 28th at the F1 place.


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