New member Jeff from Southern New Hampshire here


Greetings all, Jeff from Southern NH here.  I have exchanged a couple of e-mails with a few of you on SOHC Forum.
My current bikes are a '76 CB750K cafe project (that I am trying to get done before the spring), a '77 750k bone stock bike that is the one I have on the road and my long term '77 750 cafe project no. 2.  I have had Adam in Quincy do some work for me on the '76 and sold cafe project no. 3 ('78 750k) to Anders last fall... which reminds me I need to look for a caliper and fuel petcock, anyhow, very much looking forward to warmer weather and some riding.

Welcome Jeff! Sorry I cant help with the caliper or petcock, but I am fairly certain that someone here can.

Hopefully todays coating of snow will be gone quickly and we can turn wrenching into riding.

All best,

hi jeff!

I have a new honda 76F petcock that doresn't fit my 77 tank  :)  dunno if it works with the Ks though

Evening gents. Welcome to the local forum, Jeff! Looking forward to meeting you on the road. I frequent Candia to visit Anders and get some work done.


Alan F.:
Hi Jeff, I'm Alan. Located just south of Southern NH, good to meet you.


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