Planet Dirt anyone?

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I've been wanting to learn more off-road/ dirt skills and I found this place in Plympton, MA:

It's a dirt bike riding school that offers a 5 hour course and a dirt bike to use....lots of info on the website! 
The cost per person is less with more people attending (3 adult min, up to 8 adults max)

It's a Saturday or a Sunday, 9am-2pm or 10am-3pm, rain or shine.  I choose 10am - 3pm.  If anyone here is interested I will throw out some dates for discussion...So far the dates are wide open but the very helpful Kathlene prompted that it will fill up with the school year's end approaching.

Last we spoke Anders was in (chime in if you're here :) ) 

Anyone else want to join in? 


Sure Id be interested. All depends on dates. What did you have in mind? Any idea of cost?


Quote from: andy750 on May 13, 2013, 08:01:57 AM

Sure Id be interested. All depends on dates. What did you have in mind? Any idea of cost?


Andy, great!
The cost varies depending on how many people are in a class and includes a dirt bike, and helmet/goggles if you don't have your own--see the site for what is included.   PD needs a minimum of 3 adults to give a class, so it seems it would be $189 at the most:

Per Person Cost
Register 1 rider   $249pp        Register 5 riders   $169pp
Register 2 riders   $199pp        Register 6 riders   $159pp
Register 3 riders   $189pp        Register 7 riders   $149pp
Register 4 riders   $179pp        Register 8 riders   $139pp

The above cost chart is here with other info as well:

There were a few VT bikers friends of mine who expressed interest but were not definite so if they are in the price will be lower.

I have some things up in the air for a few of the below dates so none are absolutely definite yet, but here's a working list of dates that may work for me:
May  25, 26
June  1, 2, 8, 9, 29, 30
I was trying to go sooner than later.  Do any of your definite open dates match with these?
If Anders doesn't show up here I'll check in with him.


I spent a lot of time riding and racing dirt bikes when I was a kid. We even had a 1.25 mile motox track on land loaned to us by the city of Newton. It was possible to ride off road in lots of places around here until around 1973 or 4, then it became illegal quickly. I feel strongly that dirt biking made me a better street rider. I would love to have a trials bike now,  but where could I use it? B, is it easy to woods ride near you, or are you also limited to fire roads?Are you thinking of using this class as a stepping stone to start off road riding? I might boe interested in the class if I had an application following doing so. Anyhow, thanks for the suggestion!

I might be in... I can't say anything for sure, so I will be following this and I might have to decide in the last minute. If I could come along, I would save you all $10 a person, so beer is on you ;D


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