Peter in Carlisle Tribute Summer Beer night - July 2013!

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Long hot sunny days and endless can also be sure its time for a cool summer beer at the local watering hole.

Location: To honour our oldest road warrior aka Peter from Carlisle we are having a cool beverage (alcoholic or non-alcoholic) at the local British Beer Company outpost near his place - Westford MA:

Date: see poll and may the best date win!

Hope to see you all there, riding of course ;)

(rain date will be the week after)


I am fine for both days, but I would prefer Wednesday. My vote is in!

Looking forward to it!


If the 175 is coming, I'll have to have the 400 roadworthy by then. Or a motorized wheelchair, as I am apparently the official geezer of this bunch.  Couldn't we use maturity level instead of DOB as the scale?

Well, gotta go shake my rake at those pesky kids cutting across my lawn...

Hey Peter M.,

There is the story of the well loved author who petitioned the king of England to spare the life of a writer who had come to be on the wrong side of the monarchy by saying that without the condemned author, he would be the worst author in the kingdom.

I thank you for being a part of this group and sparing me the ignominious honor of being the eldest member. Actually, now that I think of it, Anders may be the eldest, as he is also older than me.

I remain however, the ugliest and oldest looking member, and I aint giving that up!

Well, I guess you have to be of certain age to be a country squire, have subjects who toiled for pennies, domestic staff and a huge stable of horses motorcycles.  :P


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