73 cb starting to take shape

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Ben thats a nice looking oil cooler, mind giving me the details on it?  ;D

Earls Cooler 27808 I think with a Setrab mount that I modded a bit when I made the alloy hangar. Terry from Australia made the adapter for me, but I ended up tapping it correctly to the -8an thread that I used for all lines.

I got all the stuff from here

except the Setrab mount. I am pretty sure I bought the mount off Mike Rieck.


I made a bit more progress this week, at least if money spent is a standard of progress.

Over the course of the week, I found that the stock triple tree Anders modified for me would work better with clip ons that the billet slab tree I purchased from Dime City. The stock tree fork tube clamps are lower than the head tube clamp, which allows more fork tube to protrude above the triple tree. Just enough as it hopefully turns out to utilize the Tarozzi clip ons I purchased a couple of days ago. When I get the bars installed, I will be able to measure for the stainless front brake lines I will use. Although they are expensive, I am tempted to use Speigler as I have had good fitting lines from them. I have had not so good luck with Galfer. Any other suggestions for lines greatly appreciated.

Other stuff purchased this week, some reusable wheel weights from No-Mar that attach to the spokes with set screws( we will see whether they stay on) rather than adhesing to my new Akront( Morad) rims. An alloy front fender from freaking England as nobody seems to have 18 inch fenders in the states. Today I mounted my new rear wheel and mocked up a front fender using one from a stock cb750. It is too long, but if the alloy one is not suitable, I will shorten this one and attach the stock fender mount I removed from a GL1000 fender.

I also purchased a wiring harness from one of the SOHC members for the LED indicator lights I will be mounting on the upper tree.

The LEDs I am planning on using are the billet aluminum ones on this site

Any other suggestions gratefully accepted, but these do the trick for me for size and mounting.

Things left to do. A jillion. but the list is getting smaller. I need to wait for the bars both to measure for brake lines, and as well to check clearance before mounting the alloy slug I milled to make the steering stops on the lower triple tree contact the flange on the bottom of the head tube that limits how far the front end will go left and right. Without doing this I will soon have a tank modification I can do without. I am still looking to rewire the non-existant starter button and wiring on my right handle bar control. If anybody has an extra early control they want to sell...

I milled a tool for using the tapped fork caps that I found someplace for my GL fork tubes. They are 17mm slotted and I needed to put  considerable down force on them to counteract the springing that I am using. I milled a 17mm 6 point socket so that only 2 parallel surfaces were left, and milled those shorter so that the modified socket base rested on top of the cap to be screwed in. The 2 remaining faces only twist the cap and have no longitudinal stress on them when seating the caps. I then coated the inside of the socket with a polyether dental impression material that keeps the aluminum caps from being marred during seating. Darned thing worked! Twice even!

My instruments will be going to another SOHC member Marcel in the Netherlands for repair and reassembly. I also ordered a sheet of 5mm 5152 alloy to make an instrument mount for the GL upper tree. I made a cardboard pattern out of stock that was heavy enough to allow mounting the instruments to make sure it was correct. I have made a lot of alloy mounts and miscellaneous bs for this bike, and one more is not going to change my life drastically. I need to finish polishing the upper triple tree.

Anyway, let me know what you think

I also have to change out the carb needles in my carbs for the next leaner profile, as I have a flat spot around 4500 to 5k. CR carbs have a wide variety of parts available, which makes tuning a bit simpler. At least I hope so!

Good update Ben and looking forward to seeing how those LED lights work out for you. For brake lines Alex and myself recently ordered from a SOHC member - his thread is here:


Very easy to work with and I think we were both happy with the product and service. Just another vendor to add to your long list.

Keep the updates coming!
Good luck,

Thanks Andy!

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