New Guy from Boston

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Currently my main issues are lack of parts!
Ive done all the basic tuneup stuff and everything that i can at the moment.
Been waiting for a shipment of things from Old Bike Barn (Including the battery) that should come in this week.

So im currently just in this limbo at the moment. without any juice its tough to tell how deep i am.
I appreciate the help, and as soon as i know more ill be sure to post up.


I have a marginal used for 1 year 550 battery that can be borrowed if you need it to see whats up with the rest of the bike

I am over at the end of wollaston beach in Merrymount.  Not that far away. 

Not that far at all.
Hopefully ill be mobile soon to come meet up.

On that note.... For future reference, does anyone in the area vac tune carbs?
Ive bench sync'd them for now. but i know ill need a proper sync once im up and running. I could buy the kit, but just curious if theres somebody local.

I have the Morgan carb tune which will work for you...currently on loan to Chris to tune his Goldwing but all yours when hes done with them. I am in Roslindale. Although Treeve might have a set as well...



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