Granite State Championship

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Yes, I'm planning to make it! 

Quote from: andy750 on August 28, 2013, 10:44:27 AM

Quote from: celeryjelly on August 28, 2013, 10:30:57 AM

Sounds fun!  Hope to see you guys there!  looks like and early start!!! 

Which means we will see you in the afternoon  ;D ;D ;D

Afternoon IS a bit early for me but I will do my best to get there just in time for the gates to close.

So with GZ still in my possession I am thinking these races are a great opportunity for a trip with everyone. I'll be leaving Dartmouth, MA and heading to Candia, NH to meet with Anders and ride from there. We are leaving around 9AM depending on weather and he's inviting anyone coming North to meet there and ride together (Gene, Peter, etc.).

Anders wasn't sure if vintage will run in rain so I guess we will play it by ear. Bring some rain gear!

Great news!

However I have had an unfortunate turn of events. On the hike today I twisted my ankle but thought I'd recovered well and hiked down the mountain. Tonight it's a different story - I can't put any weight on it and currently have it iced and elevated. Instep feels very tender :( Currently can't walk so well so will see what tmrw brings...


Oh no Andy  :(  Hope your foot is back to normal tomorrow after some rest and overnight healing!! 

Thanks for the head's up Alex!  I'll be keeping my eyes on the weather for Monday. 


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