Granite State Championship

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Awesome! I will have a Versys pal;)

Well, that was fun! Thanks to all who made it!

I do have few pictures and I shot a short video, but you would have to wait for them. I am sure Andy will be posting some shortly. 


The day was rainy/overcast but this didnt dampen the assembled NEHG from having a good time at Loudon - Gene was there with some great stories and pointers about the rules/action and came with 2 very nice bikes - a CB160 and an SL175 - both immaculate!

The assembled motley crew....Anders, Alex, Peter and Bethanie (Gene was out of shot)

Alex had brought a friend - Godzilla from the main SOHC forum

Obviously he has good taste ;)

checking out Genes bikes

Then it was onto corner #6 to check out the action

"Black-hand-Alex" was really into it

Next race

A race CB750 in the paddock

Then it was a wet ride home following Anders through some downpours to Rt3S before blasting home with rain-dry-rain cycle

Great day! thanks to all!


Very cool, you hearty souls!!
Why is Alexs hand black??

Quote from: azure on September 02, 2013, 09:25:56 PM

Why is Alexs hand black??

Because he is the leader of the Black Hand Motorcycle Gang  - their moto is "Screaming Eagle 4 life"  8)


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