Granite State Championship

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Quote from: azure on September 02, 2013, 09:25:56 PM

Very cool, you hearty souls!!
Why is Alexs hand black??

My guess is wet grip syndrome.

Good to see you guys yesterday. The rain was a bit tough but a good time.

I found a few shots of your track ride. I think there was a bit of passing going on.

These photos are great Gene, thanks! See you next time, I hope!

You'd think I was a grease monkey but in reality it was gloves that, when wet or in this case soaked, will dye your hands their color.

I'm still not back to normal after numerous washing attempts. Oh well the trip was well worth my change in skin pigments. Great photos!!

Great photos Andy.

Gene, it was nice to see you and sorry we couldn't say goodbye. Nice find on those photos!

Here are few pictures I took:

This is how you start a Moto Guzzi!

A few nice Hondas:

Especially these two:

And look at the size of the drum!

I am not sure why I didn't take pictures of Gene's bikes. Very stupid of me! Oh well, next time!

Some of us took on racing pretty seriously!

I saw this nice Ural.

And I got jealous of it's engine!

And the way the headers were attached...

A few shots of the actual racing:

The last one just for Bethanie!

And here are links to two short videos I took. Crank up the speakers!!!!



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