Needham- Charlestown RI without hitting Woonsocket


Hi, It occurred to me as I was blissfully riding home yesterday from Charlestown RI on some of the nicest roads I have encountered in RI and eastern CT, that perhaps we should consider a group ride down to the beach at Charlestown at some point in the future.

Here is my route back yesterday-,+Charlestown,+RI&daddr=RI-138+W%2FKingstown+Rd+to:CT-49+N%2FEkonk+Hill+Rd+to:Connecticut+14A+E%2FPlainfield+Pike+to:RI-102+N%2FChopmist+Hill+Rd+to:Central+St+to:42.0268032,-71.550648+to:42.039988,-71.535215+to:Blackstone+St+to:Chestnut+St+to:East+St+to:Pleasant+St+to:Ash+St+to:Fiske+St+to:Forest+St+to:Springdale+Ave+to:Webster+St&hl=en&ll=42.269179,-71.229858&spn=2.422651,4.866943&sll=42.270672,-71.233635&sspn=0.018927,0.038023&geocode=FctjdwId7Sy7-ynNcMonLcDliTEd1IIz4BvMPA%3BFb9EeQIdZ2i6-w%3BFWaCegIdZJW3-w%3BFbMnfAIdQ9e3-w%3BFS_cfQIdUpW6-w%3BFcYtgQIdyry7-w%3BFTNHgQIdSDm8-ylLPAYSPWvkiTFRTT2bARjQsg%3BFbR6gQIdkXW8-ymlfgG0cWvkiTF5yBClWDiz3Q%3BFZaVgQId44C8-w%3BFew6gwIdI9a7-w%3BFUnWgwIdUOe7-w%3BFRZFhAIdoqq8-w%3BFawBhAIdKk69-w%3BFcz5gwId-la--w%3BFf5VhAId3Ey_-w%3BFU2fhAId3yfA-w%3BFWMMhQIdox3B-w&oq=Spruce+St+Charlestown&mra=mr&via=6,7&t=m&z=8

My ride down was not as successful as it was my first Tyre route on a Garmin, and the waypoints I picked were not through waypoints. I ended up bypassing a couple, and the Garmin kept trying to make me go back to the points I have missed. I do better looking at a map and remembering route numbers. If I hear that damn RECALCULATING one more time...

Looks like a good route Ben  - how long did it take? Anywhere good to eat down there? How did you come back?


Thanks Andy,

That is the way I came back, my initial route should have been through Franklin to Millville, but the Garmin lady did not like it when I bypassed a couple of waypoints.

The route is between 95 and 100 miles, depending on slight variations, and there are a lot of places to stop, even off season.

I liked the back roads in CT when we went down to Gillette castle, and I am bored with MA routes, so will continue to explore in CT and RI. I hate the freaking GPS, and prefer my feeble memory.

You might check this site out for routes:

They have an interesting RI loop which winds up in Newport but we could amend it.


Thanks Rob,

I had seen this site before, but not in a while and its been revamped. That is a good idea about mixing and matching parts of these anecdotal routes. I will look forward to checking out some more before the salt hits the road, and hope you will do the same!

All best!


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