Anders' birthday today

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Here is a shining example of quality over quantity.i
The actual number of years has been omitted to protect the innocent and diminish anxiety to infants. However, I hope you will join with me in celebrating the anniversary of a wonderful fellow.

Here's to many more years of riding, bro!


Happy Birthday Anders!!

I have a pretty Asian girl waiting for you here in Boston but you have to get her by 12pm today...oh wait its too late ;) Ok next year!

Best wishes

Anders will probably never bother to look at this thread anyway, but that's a very generous offer Andy. Out of polite interest, what do you charge for that service? ;D

Happy birthday anders!  You dont look a day over 60!  ;D

On a side note, i am heading up his place tomorrow morning to try and fix the cam tensioner bolt on the 400 engine.  If you want me to drop anything off, pick anything up or come along for the ride, be at my place by 8:30 am tomorrow.  I will give him a big birthday hug for you guys. 


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