HM341 Pipes For Sale Locally on Ebay

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Gonna put bicycle chains on the tires before re-inflating them? That's what we did before going lake riding in winter back in the days of yore!
What winter sports are you involved in??


Of course I mean building motorcycles  ;) ...nothing like spending a few hours each night in my unheated garage trying to get the hardened rubber pliable enough to get the carbs back on...speaking of which I have to pull my K4 carbs...dirty! idle all over the place....

Winter sports I enjoy...snowboarding (though this year I want to try skiing), snowshoeing/winter hiking - did this last year and enjoyed it, ice climbing (been a long time since I did this and every year I try and find the time/money to get back to it)....thats pretty much it. Keeps me busy in the winter (along with work etc).

As far as bike maintenance goes this Fall/winter - steering head bearings for the K4 (big thanks to Phil for getting me the All Balls kit), swingarm bushings - thats it! Wooohoooo! I would really like to get my tank/sidecovers painted stock candy gold but need to save up some $$s for that and since its not critical its a low priority.

BIG rides next year.....more about this at October beer night....



Waaaaay too much money for 2 HM341s!!! I got both my spare HM300s for $70 and $60!

I agree!! Wow , that means I could get beau coup bucks for my complete set of HM300's that are in way better shape!!!  ;D


Quote from: andy750 on September 19, 2008, 06:59:11 PM

Waaaaay too much money for 2 HM341s!!! I got both my spare HM300s for $70 and $60!

Phil is going Latin AND Frenchy.....


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