The Loooong Weekend Ride, 20-22 June 2014 Again!

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Quote from: andy750 on January 31, 2014, 10:54:37 AM

The idea for this ride came about last night at beer night - an actual ride with a destination, a spirited tour of the local roads, samplings of local cuisine, local beer to be quaffed and generally a good time had for all. Kind of like the ride to Motorcyclepedia, Newburgh, NY only without the sketchy motel  ;).

Proposed date : 20 - 22 June 2014 (includes the looooongest day)

Destination: to be decided in the next couple of months in this very thread. Rough idea...ride out on Friday morning on ~8hr ride taking mixture of highway and backroads depending on destination. Ride local roads at destination on Saturday and take the slow road home Sunday. Accommodation will be a motel or bed/breakfast or some other lodging with a roof and 4-walls (apparently there are those among us that are not campers  :-*).

Need at least 3-riders to make this a reality and the more the better! Get your bikes ready waaaay in advance so there are no lame excuses like "oh my tires are bald" or "I need new brakes" or "I dont ride in the rain".

As always whatever happens an adventure will be had and memories will last a long time  ;)


We were talking about going to PA, VT or NY, but nobody has proposed a route yet. I will suggest the following one for consideration and suggestions.,+MA+02131&daddr=VT-73+W+to:Lake+St+to:Tracy+Rd+to:Lower+Lake+Lane,+Saranac+Lake,+NY+to:NY-28+S+to:Llion,+ny+to:NY-51+S+to:NY-51+S+to:NY-206+E%2FNY-30+N%2FState+Hwy+30+N+to:NY-17B+E%2FState+Rte+17B+E%2FCo+Rd+117+E%2FRt+17B+E%2FState+Rt+17B+E%2FSt+Rt+17B+E+to:MA-16+E%2FDouglas+Rd%2FWebster+St+to:ROSLINDALE,+MA+02131&hl=en&ll=43.961191,-72.46582&spn=6.310412,9.876709&sll=42.051332,-71.795654&sspn=0.406872,0.617294&geocode=Fc4whQIdDbDC-ymHAGmZx37jiTHN8ZTkTSchSg%3BFUNBnAIdsNai-w%3BFYv7nQIdMkmg-w%3BFe7FoAIdID2d-w%3BFWsypAIdm2yU-ykFzVXn7BrLTDHyHLW18lRfdQ%3BFcgjlwIdubqE-w%3BFZ5bkAId1QyH-ylXZ1RoP0zZiTG5v6aiAASn5A%3BFcrujQId-B2F-w%3BFal1hwIdCxCC-w%3BFRr3gQIdpOaH-w%3BFc4UfAIdHWqJ-w%3BFfK9gQId01a4-w%3BFc4whQIdDbDC-ymHAGmZx37jiTHN8ZTkTSchSg&oq=r&gl=us&dirflg=h&mra=mivtw&t=m&z=7

The first day we will be riding around, 7 or 8 hours. With brakes for gas, coffee, lunch pictures etc., it will be a good 11 or 12 hour day.,+Essex,+New+York+to:Lower+Lake+Lane,+Saranac+Lake,+NY&hl=en&ll=43.281204,-72.79541&spn=3.191164,4.938354&sll=43.272206,-72.494659&sspn=0.79792,1.234589&geocode=FXlAhQIdDabC-w%3BFa-SiAIdQATA-w%3BFfL5iQIddS28-w%3BFbSVjAIdEPa2-w%3BFZL6jwIdo2uv-w%3BFfLmlQIdNZ2r-w%3BFdKknwIdhWOo-w%3BFZxKoQIdfACk-w%3BFbimoAIdARSd-ykTl7Lodb7KTDHxDpMsEW2afA%3BFWsypAIdm2yU-ykFzVXn7BrLTDHyHLW18lRfdQ&gl=us&dirflg=t&mra=mivtw&t=m&z=8

The following day will be a bit short on riding - about 6 or 7 hours, which means we can spend more time enjoying the scenery stops, lunch etc.,+Saranac+Lake,+NY&daddr=NY-28+S+to:Llion,+ny+to:NY-51+S+to:NY-51+S+to:NY-206+E%2FNY-30+N%2FState+Hwy+30+N+to:NY-17B+E%2FState+Rte+17B+E%2FCo+Rd+117+E%2FRt+17B+E%2FState+Rt+17B+E%2FSt+Rt+17B+E&hl=en&sll=41.640078,-72.092285&sspn=6.551187,9.876709&geocode=FWsypAIdm2yU-ykFzVXn7BrLTDHyHLW18lRfdQ%3BFcgjlwIdubqE-w%3BFZ5bkAId1QyH-ylXZ1RoP0zZiTG5v6aiAASn5A%3BFcrujQId-B2F-w%3BFal1hwIdCxCC-w%3BFRr3gQIdpOaH-w%3BFc4UfAIdHWqJ-w&gl=us&dirflg=h&mra=pr&t=m&z=7

The final day would be probably the shortest, so we can have a late start and get home on time.,+MA+02131&hl=en&ll=40.697299,-71.652832&spn=6.645926,9.876709&sll=42.023283,-71.803207&sspn=0.407052,0.617294&geocode=Fc4UfAIdHWqJ-w%3BFYKHgQIdYdS2-w%3BFc4whQIdDbDC-ymHAGmZx37jiTHN8ZTkTSchSg&oq=r&gl=us&dirflg=h&mra=mivtw&t=m&z=7


Obviously, feel free to change the route in any way you think it's best!


Ohh boy, my ass hurts just thinking about it.  I need to get some fur for my seat.


Thanks, but the map view does not show on my tablet. Anyone else have a similar problem

I don't own a tablet, but I can see it on my phone and my laptop.


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