The Loooong Weekend Ride, 20-22 June 2014 Again!

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I'm still planning on joining…depending on how work goes this week I may choose to work Friday due to rain-outs last week….if that's the case I will join you Sat.  Otherwise I will meet up with you Fri at Vintage Steele…more in a bit...
Also, what is the current situation with lodging?

Thanks Peter which direction are you going? Clockwise or anti-clockwise?

I do not have patience for google maps or my internet connection right now so here is my suggestion for ride north through VT (Ben, same as I sent to you, perhaps you have this mapped already?):

VT 100 to
VT 103 ( or VT 155, i've never been on it but was going to try it, don't know if it's dirt or not) to
VT 140 (great road!!) to Poultney where you pick up
VT 30 is nice but my favourite section is btwn Poultney and Manchester
so i'd either take 30 or 22A north to
VT 125 (another great that i've been wanting to revisit, i took 125 to Middlebury to 30 S when i did this in 2006 and it was fantastic) to
Crown point crossing up to Port Henry.
I took an amazing road(s) from Placid/Adirondacks into Port Henry and I want to go on it/them again this trip..I'm still trying to find them..

Alan F.:
Quote from: Connito on June 16, 2014, 02:27:56 PM

Cool! Just let us know when and where should we meet you. Perhaps you could ride to Brattleboro with us to check out the motorcycle shop and then head back?

Yes, something like that.

Could you post, the final Friday route? I'm not sure which of the previously posted routes was chosen.


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