The Loooong Weekend Ride, 20-22 June 2014 Again!

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Why don't you join us and lead the way!

Quote from: Connito on March 09, 2014, 11:03:39 PM

Why don't you join us and lead the way!

   Can't you see Peter from her avatar? Her bike has no forks, wheel etc., etc. ;D ;D ;D She couldn't possibly lead the way. :P

   Sorry Bethanie I don't think we've met. Don't take it wrong, just having some fun at Peter's expense.


Bethanie don't need no stinking forks, Muchacho!
B, you should lead us through your turf, c'mon!

Alan F.:
Before cabins are booked I'd like to ask if anyone else snores? I'd hate to be the only one and wind up out in my tent somewhere out of earshot so the rest can sleep.
I wouldn't mind a higher rate but a roommate would help.

Thoughts? Volunteers?

I am not sleeping anywhere near Alan!!! ;D


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