to St. Louis at the end of May

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Thanks, but I don't think I will be touching my master cylinder. At least I hope not!

You guys map links take up 43 pages of text on my phone!!!!!!

Quote from: Connito on March 20, 2014, 10:34:54 AM

Andy, thank you!

The route!

Thanks for the tip about 209. I have modified the route slightly, but I am still going to use 209 for a bit. There is just no other option, without loosing too much time. I am going to ride 3.5 days and the Harrisburg and Cincinnati are just the overnight stops. Actually, I have never been to Cincinnati and I kind of like to see it and while there, I would cross the river and go to Kentucky, which is one of the remaining 12 states I haven't been to ;D.

Here is the route Day by Day.

Day 1:. About 4:00 hours. I would be leaving right after work. Thank you, Ben for helping me designing this route!,+Harvard+University+Longwood+Campus,+Boston,+MA+02115&daddr=Longwood+Ave+to:Perkins+St+to:Kendrick+St+to:Farm+St+to:Central+St+to:Chestnut+St+to:Hartford+Ave+N+to:42.1563678,-71.6396228+to:Sutton+St+to:Dudley+Rd+to:Mason+Rd+to:Sheldon+St+to:US-202+W%2FLitchfield+Turnpike+to:Litchfield+Rd+to:127+Esthers+Rd,+Morris,+CT&hl=en&sll=41.568197,-72.809143&sspn=0.864077,1.234589&geocode=FUQIhgId2wzD-ym_5Fh_jHnjiTFko6huTXXphw%3BFdkPhgId5_LC-w%3BFQrFhQIdDtTC-w%3BFUhehQId_UfB-w%3BFcWLhAIdjAfA-w%3BFWvvgwIdkja--w%3BFTMChAIdDdS8-w%3BFfx2gwIdryi7-w%3BFahCgwId4t-6-ykVV3Q1kg3kiTE3mDLBleoF6g%3BFbs3gwIdpZK6-w%3BFftiggId4Qu3-w%3BFR6KgQIdutG2-w%3BFe6PgAIdCeKq-w%3BFfNKfgIdSsql-w%3BFdRafQIdcgul-w%3BFRw-fAIdSCij-ykRzlbnV5HniTEx7DuCBZzBnA&oq=127+Esthers+Rd&mra=ls&t=m&z=9

Day 2: Thank you, Andy for the tip on Route 209! About 7:30 hours, but there would be a rather long stop in Centralia, PA.,+Morris,+CT+06763&daddr=NY-55+W%2FUS-44+E%2FMain+St+to:NY-284+S+to:Centralia,+PA+to:717+Haldeman+Blvd,+New+Cumberland,+PA&hl=en&ll=40.33817,-74.937744&spn=3.341169,4.938354&sll=40.703546,-74.789429&sspn=1.661554,2.469177&geocode=FRw-fAIdSCij-ykRzlbnV5HniTEx7DuCBZzBnA%3BFbsffAId6UCU-ynVDQ_wKSHdiTH1I_v6NgugoQ%3BFfaNdwIdVpSP-w%3BFZ6fbgId6CJz-ynPxJT-vozFiTHDbnh_TuZ7Dw%3BFZ3tZQIdx8Vq-yktd3A6ucHIiTHP6f8VuTa4Yg&gl=us&dirflg=ht&mra=mrv&t=m&z=8

Day 3: About 9:30 hours.,+New+Cumberland,+PA+17070&daddr=US-50+W%2FNorthwestern+Pike+to:US-50+W%2FGeorge+Washington+Hwy+to:OH-32+W%2FJames+A.+Rhodes+Appalachian+Hwy+to:409+Emma+Street,+Covington,+KY+41011&hl=en&sll=38.736946,-83.759766&sspn=7.204931,9.876709&geocode=FZ3tZQIdx8Vq-yktd3A6ucHIiTHP6f8VuTa4Yg%3BFRVfVwIdvD9U-w%3BFRX5VwId3vNB-w%3BFcJIVgIdwhoZ-w%3BFR9SVAIdfVv2-ikzeWnLM7FBiDGsU862CNu5Cg&gl=us&mra=ls&t=m&z=7

Day 4: About 9:00 hours. There would be a long lunch stop in Louisville, as I will be visiting a friend there.,+Covington,+KY+41011&daddr=Sunset+Dr+to:IN-62+W%2FN+State+Rte+62+to:7418+Falls+Ridge+Ct,+Louisville,+KY+to:39+Godwin+Lane,+St.+Louis+MO+63124&hl=en&sll=38.292227,-85.602379&sspn=0.113308,0.154324&geocode=FR9SVAIdfVv2-ikzeWnLM7FBiDGsU862CNu5Cg%3BFRVaUwId7gnu-g%3BFfaBUAIdAs3p-g%3BFdd3SAIdPaPl-ilvKF8M7nVpiDF2jqc2SlRo0w%3BFYiFTQIdJRWd-ik5tPRGXMvYhzHcY48JB5lsmA&gl=us&dirflg=h&mra=ls&t=m&z=7

The bike!

1. Clutch! Definitely springs, possibly plates and more...well this is easy enough and I have all the OEM parts as you know if you want to go that route. On a trip like this with probable traffic around cities a good clutch is essential!!
    I bought the springs and I want to inspect the disks, before I go ahead and spend money on something I might not need.

2. Install center stand! - super easy getting the spring on with the long screwdriver technique
    I've done it once before. Hopefully it would be easy this time also.
2. Oil tank crush washer it's leaking. I bought a new one today. - I have several if you need more
    Hopefully not. This shouldn't be an issue!
3. Fork oil seals and obviously new oil - New progressive springs wouldnt hurt either  8)
    I agree with you, but money is an issue, so I would have to skip on that.
4. Change the horn! - get the one I have and mentioned in some other thread - 103db! and no relay needed.
    That's the one I have purchased. Thank you!
5. Relocate the ignition back to its original place - great idea!
6. Neutral gear switch it doesn't work - good luck fixing this!  Cool probably the wire under the sidestand is frayed or loose connection or the sensor has gone
   I hope you are wrong! But it's unlikely...
7. New battery. Just bought one! - MotoBatts are the best!
   That's what I got. :)
8. Wire in a cable for the GPS - Anders makes good mounts for this.
   I've got a mount. I just need to wire it to the battery.
9. New spark plugs, possibly. - but of course!
   I know, I know....
10. Go over the carbs! I will try to run some Seafoam, but likely I will have to take them out and clean them well.  -they should be removed for sure and cleaned!
   I know, I know....
11. Install exhaust baffles! - finally!
   I KNOW!
13. Adjust the valves - 5 min job
   I have never done it on these bikes. Help would be appreciated!
14. Check/change the air filter - can't go wrong with a K&N - worth the extra upfront $ - mine is 10 yrs old Wink
   I have two filters purchased already. I will go with the regular one for now. Perhaps in the future I will change it K&N.
15. Potentially replace the front tire. I suppose it would be just fine, but if funds permit, I will replace it. It is at least six years old, possibly older. I have decided on Michelin Pilot Activ. - def replace it! Think of riding in the rain....
   I know, I know... I will replace it!

Is the chain new? Is it an o-ring chain - hope so or you are going to be doing a lot of chain maintenance at the end of the day - dont forget to take chain lube with you.
   I knew this subject will come up... The chain is not an o-ring, but I don't think I will be replacing it now. I hope it could wait till next year for the next leg of my trip. Chain lube packed ;)

Speaking of packing.

Tools, spares and bike related items:

Please feel free to add to the list below!

1. Chain lube
2. Zip ties
3. Electrical tape
4. Spare tube(s)
5. Emergency cable (could be adapt to any cable)
6. Some wires
7. Fuses. I will possibly change to car blade fuses, but still, I will take spares.
8. Flash light
9. Supers glue :P
10. Spark plugs
11. Some Nuts and Bolts, or may be not since I have zip ties.
12. Rag(s) + medical gloves
13. Adjustable wrench
14. Wrenches #10, #12 and #14
15. Spark plug Wrench
16. Knife
17. Long nose Pliers and wire cutters
18. Two Philips and two flat head screwdrivers

To be continued:


What do you still have a 1990s flip phone!? ;)

Quote from: Connito on March 19, 2014, 10:01:41 PM

As some of you know I am planning to go to St. Louis, MO at the end of May. I will be taking my recently reacquired 1975 CB750 and I will be leaving it St. Louis with my friend till next year. The bike sure needs some attention before I take it on this 1400 mile trip!

1. Clutch! Definitely springs, possibly plates and more...
2. Install center stand!
2. Oil tank crush washer it's leaking. I bought a new one today.
3. Fork oil seals and obviously new oil!
4. Change the horn!
5. Relocate the ignition back to its original place.
6. Neutral gear switch it doesn't work.
7. New battery. Just bought one!
8. Wire in a cable for the GPS!
9. New spark plugs.
10. Go over the carbs!  
11. Install exhaust baffles!
13. Adjust the valves!
14. Check/change the air filter.
15. Tighten the rear turn signals.
16. Replace the front tire with Michelin Pilot Activ.
17. Rebuild the caliper!
18. Change the chain and possibly the sprockets!
19. Install sheep skin under the seat cover!

Here is the route, without too many details:,+Harvard+University+Longwood+Campus,+Boston,+MA+02115&daddr=Longwood+Ave+to:Perkins+St+to:Kendrick+St+to:Farm+St+to:Central+St+to:Chestnut+St+to:Hartford+Ave+N+to:42.1563678,-71.6396228+to:Sutton+St+to:Dudley+Rd+to:Mason+Rd+to:Sheldon+St+to:US-202+W%2FLitchfield+Turnpike+to:Litchfield+Rd+to:127+Esthers+Rd,+Morris,+CT+to:Centralia,+PA+to:717+Haldeman+Blvd,+New+Cumberland,+PA+to:32+James+A.+Rhodes+Appalachian+Hwy,+Athens,+Ohio+45701+to:409+Emma+Street,+Covington,+KY+41011+to:Louisville,+KY+to:St.+Louis+MO+63124&hl=en&sll=40.607016,-80.627644&sspn=16.264499,33.815918&geocode=FUQIhgId2wzD-ym_5Fh_jHnjiTFko6huTXXphw%3BFdkPhgId5_LC-w%3BFQrFhQIdDtTC-w%3BFUhehQId_UfB-w%3BFcWLhAIdjAfA-w%3BFWvvgwIdkja--w%3BFTMChAIdDdS8-w%3BFfx2gwIdryi7-w%3BFahCgwId4t-6-ykVV3Q1kg3kiTE3mDLBleoF6g%3BFbs3gwIdpZK6-w%3BFftiggId4Qu3-w%3BFR6KgQIdutG2-w%3BFe6PgAIdCeKq-w%3BFfNKfgIdSsql-w%3BFdRafQIdcgul-w%3BFRw-fAIdSCij-ykRzlbnV5HniTEx7DuCBZzBnA%3BFZ6fbgId6CJz-ynPxJT-vozFiTHDbnh_TuZ7Dw%3BFZ3tZQIdx8Vq-yktd3A6ucHIiTHP6f8VuTa4Yg%3BFTuOVwIdMe4a-ynrOrzjTXFIiDE5q2iq69AljA%3BFR9SVAIdfVv2-ikzeWnLM7FBiDGsU862CNu5Cg%3BFXmwRwIdCG7j-ikR1VuzGgtpiDEy_XEgKLTT1A%3BFc2gTQIdg9ic-in5XHLWoMzYhzFngBfZBhj4Tg&dirflg=ht&mra=pr&t=m&z=6

Thanks in advance for your input!


In reverse order…

You can borrow a sheepskin I had on my v-strom. It should fit since you are riding solo.

Neutral switch…there's a generic replacement that can be had from an auto parts store. Andy's memory is better than mine- we got one at NAPA for your bike like ten years ago?

Wire in cable for GPS…seriously? Just go west young man.

Center stand spring- use the "pile of nickels" method. It's more fun than a long screwdriver.

Quote from: andy750 on March 21, 2014, 10:29:52 PM

What do you still have a 1990s flip phone!? ;)

No. My phone is in a big handbag with a humungous battery.


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