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How about Sunday evening? Or is that too much out of the box. Yeah, there is a box!  :P

Can't do this sunday, but other sundays work.

I can make Mondays, Wednesdays or Fridays, Saturdays, Sunday mornings/afternoons till 5pm.

You are a complicated person, Andy ;D

I am actually fine with Saturday night, but I know for most this is a big deal.

How about Monday? Is everyone okay with Monday? I can show up, but it will be later than 7:00 and I will probably need a ride back home as I will be coming from a rye whiskey testing night :-X
Oh, and the location must be public transportation accessible! How about Roslindale, we have four members from there ;)

Not complicated just many commitments  ;)

Monday works for me  8)


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