May or June Beer Day

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The Good News

So the home brew was QCed this weekend and passed.  It is delicious and carbonated (surprised the shit out of me that it actually worked  ;)).  So i would like to have you guys over one day for grilled food, beer and a movie (and maybe some manual labor if feel like tearing the 350 apart).

The Bad News

My weekends are pretty booked from here on out until July so the options are limited.

Option 1 - Saturday May 31 or Sunday June 1.  Peter will be road tripping so i know he won't be able to make it.  Not sure about everyone else.

Option 2 - Saturday June 13 or Sunday June 14.  This is the weekend before our motorcycle trip so i don't know if that is good or bad.  Also the weather should be hot by then, which is great for grilling but not so much for watching a movie in a house that doesn't have central air. 

Option 3 - Some weekday.  That will probably make for a late night and would suck for those that have to drive far.  For me, it doesn't matter. 

Discuss  ;D


Option 1 is fine with me actually. I have postponed the trip with week, so I am leaving on the 7th.

Option 2 is also fine. It could serve for a before trip planning and motorcycle checking.

Option 3 is also fine with me.

You see the trend here? If you have beer, I will come ;)

Hey Treeve,

Thanks for a great offer! Do you think getting together the weekend before we leave would be good for socializing, enjoying your home brew, and dokng some trip planning?

I need a beer soon! Any day next week that has Mon and Wed in it suits me best :). My Mum and sister arrives from 23 May - 7th June and while they love knocking back a few cold ones they will be too busy for beer hour during that time ;)   

I am not opposed to have both, next week beer hour and before the trip beer weekend at Treeve's house ;)


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