New Year Beer Night

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I know everyone is busy and all, but let's get together and talk about new year's resolutions. I think we know what Andy's is:-) May be he can buy us a round :o
Wednesday or Thursday of next week?

Alan F.:
I'm in for Thursday, have a great week Gents and Ladies.

Either works me. 

Hey guys, how about next week? It turns out I have a few things to take care and Ben can't make it this week. Seeing that Andy hasn't posted yet, it looks like he might be busy also.
Can we set it up for Thursday the 29th? It's still January:-)

I am not sure Ill be here...I may be away for work. If I was here I couldnt make Thursday anyway ;)...only Mon/Wed/Fri.

Anyway have a beer for me if I miss this one.


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