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A member on SOHC4 pointed me to this forum. My name is Lajos and live in Newton.

I purchased a 73 CB500 project two weeks ago with an extra 550 motor. Took everything apart, found a lot of rust in the cylinders so it's currently at the machine shop waiting to be bored to 600cc. Hoping with that and some borrowed parts from the 500 motor I have everything for the engine.

I have two carbs, both in pretty bad shape from white dust and pitting. Maybe I can make one good one from the two.

The frame is in good shape with some rust here and there.

Between the cylinder rust, the carb rust and missing parts, this will probably keep me busy longer than expected...


Welcome Lajos and glad you found your way over here from the main forum!  You have plenty of local help around should you need it. What machine shop are you using?


Hey Lajos,

Welcome.  Glad you made it over here.  Like Andy said, there are a bunch of local guys around that have a lot of knowledge and love to help.  

when you rebuild those carbs, make sure to keep all of the bits together with the carb it came from and reuse as much as possible.  When I do it, the only things I replace are the o rings and gaskets.  Everything else should clean up.  Good luck.

Treeve from Quincy

Somebody recommended Nashua Engine Rebuilders so that's where I took the cylinders.

The cylinder head that I have has a little bit of pitting on one of the intake valve seats so I didn't commit to that head yet. Waiting for another head to arrive in the mail this Friday. Although the machine shop dudes said they can also fix the one I have already. I'll just pick the better one ;)

Currently the carbs are not ready yet... the float pins are all stuck solid. I don't want to mess with them until I give them a day soaking.

You guys have some beautiful bikes, I'd love to some in real life! Are there any meetups/rides?

Hey Lajos

No idea what Nashua Engine rebuilders are like but I do know that local to Boston Mike Rieck (MRieck on main forum and here) is one of the best SOHC engine guys in the country/world. If thats enough for excellent machine work you cant get better than Harrys Machine parts run by Rick Stetson (Northborough) or our very own Anders up in Candia,NH. Anyway good luck with your engine!

We usually meet up once a month for a beer night at some local establishment and we do have the occasional rides (Spring Ride just passed and Fall Ride are guaranteed) - rides are usually impromptu weekend events with a few guys getting out. Just PM and ask someone to go for a ride or post it here in the Events section.

June beer night is coming up and when you get that bike running let us know ready for the first ride!



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