Isle of Man TT

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Anybody been watching the Isle of Man TT on Velocity?  Amazing riding!

Terrifying speeds! Holy crap! But so much fun to watch, love to be there sometime.

-vintage pete

Mike R., Anders, and I were talking about riding there  next year,, and starting to research accomodations now. Andy, any insight on finding a place?

When I went there back in 1996 we just camped on the golf course. I would imagine you need to book a hotel early! Anywhere is good as the Island is not that big. Make sure you are there for Mad Sunday!

"“Were you planning a wheelie there, Sir,” said one cop to a German-looking fella who was revving his lime green Kawasaki Ninja.

“Nein Sir, I vas not,” he replied.

I watched from our table on the patio, expecting a nasty outcome. Like most riders, the guy had probably imbibed a bevvie or three.

“Well,” said the cop in his broad Manx accent, sounding like a cross between a northern Englishman, an Irishman and a Scot. “We only let you ride on the promenade if you can wheelie for more than 20 meters. If you can’t, you’ll have to take the back roads.”

“Vaaaattt?” said the confused German.

“Wheelie. You must wheelie. So make it a good’n,” replied the law."


Wonderful article, video within, and that story from the article is priceless.
I suppose camping could be done, but I am starting to check for lodging.
I am not sure I could cope with the "competition" of a Mad Sunday ride, or with passing on the right, but I would like to see the event in person.

Thanks Andy!!


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