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Below is a note to 2 friends, who each fell with severe consequences, in the last 2 weeks.
First, Gene fell off of his deck, landing face first on a piece of rebar. He has had several surgeries so far.
Then last week our mutual friend Candida fell at work fracturing her kneecap. My situation was not nearly as dire, at least as embarrassing, and somewhat topical for this forum.

Looking forward the Wednesday eve, btw!

Let me tell you a little story which illustrates how we are all connected!

So I went out to Sterling, which Martha resolutely refers to as SkyCrest, yesterday to load in my new tractor, actually a 1979 Simplicity 7018, with mower deck, and snowblower, and cut down my first tree there with my brand spanking new Husquvarna 460 Rancher. Lovely time, Yadda yadda.

It's such a beaut of a day, I decide that I will run home to grab my old BMW, as it needs some work, and there is plenty of work space in Sterling. Going to be great, as Martha, Becca, and Leo are headed out there, and we are all going to spend the remainder of the afternoon together, and have dinner. An added plus on finally arriving was that Dave Barron was there too.

BMW batteries, made by Varta,  which cost three times as much as any other battery, used to be good batteries, but now fail terribly quickly. On attempting to fire up the old girl, my old BMW, she have no juice.

The warmth of the day beginning to fade, and the idea of a cold wind on my exposed and otherwise not-as-insulated-as-they-used-to-be body parts looming, I though I will jump start the sucker.

We have a small hill at the bottom of our street, and after several attempts, no fruitful result. I am getting tired, but try one last time, which is equally disappointing, only on this occasion I realize as I get off the bike that my left sneaker lace is somehow caught in some part of the engine. As I am standing in the middle of the street, tethered and trying to figure out how to extricate myself without losing my balance and having the motorcycle fall on me, it does exactly that. I am now lying in the middle of the road, with my left foot pinned under the bike.  Gasoline is flowing over my pantleg and shoe, and I cannot reach the ignition switch to turn it off. I am able to turn the petcock on the gas tank off, which does eventually stop my continuing smelly shower.

My first thought is not of my current predicament, but what seems on reflection, a similar occurence, when my friend Jim made an early attempt at coordinated sailing in an International 210, near the shining shores of Lake Cochituate. He lost control of the main sail, and the boom hit me so hard that it knocked me out of the little boat. I tried to swim the half mile to shore, but the weight of my retained clothes and shoes tired me quickly. By the point I decided to jettison clothes and shoes, I was concerned that I was too fatigued to do so and stay afloat. The last thing I saw was Jim flailing around trying to get the boat under control. From below the surface, I saw one of the sail lines, that all together looked like Medusa's hair, come within grabbing distance, and was able to get to it, pull my head out of the water, and hold on until close enough to shore.

The idea of being helplessly immolated because of a shoelace seemed equally pathetic to drowning in dinky little Lake Cochituate.

From my position, I could raise the bike somewhat, but doing so puts more pressure on my foot, and I am sure it will be crushed by the 500 lb moto, as people who have rushed out of cars, try to help in an uncoordinated fashion, initially trying to get the machine off of me. I wave them off, with effusive thanks, as they have stopped rather than run me over, or even worse stare at my sprawled form, as they drive by, and eventually am able to pull my foot out towards me, taking with it the grossly distorted part that has snared my shoelace.

On righting the bike, I reshape the float bowl retaining clip, and replace it along with the float bowl, left pitifully lying in the road, along with my cap and cell phone. I can walk! I push the bike up the hill slowly, get it home, use a power pack to start it, which I should have tried in the first place, but was afraid of grounding the positive terminal, causing the battery to explode, which had occurred once before, causing irritreavable battery acid damage to my Stevie Ray Vaughan RIP tee shirt and jeans.

My ride to SkyCrest passes without further difficultly, save for increasing discomfort in my left foot and embarrassingly, my left ass cheek, I drank a better part of 2 bottles of red wine with Dave  to ease the discomfort, ate too much cheese and crackers, and lost 2 games of cribbage. The therapeutic travails of the evening prompting the gout that woke me from sleep at 3 am this morning.

Can I empathize with you both now, even though I have had no ambulance ride, or shared time with personel wearing goofy looking booties and caps?

Lots of love to both of my two slightly unstable partners! ( It has to be the ground that is unstable!)


Alan F.:
Oh my Ben! I hadn't heard about Gene yet. I'll keep a good thought for the three of you.
Good to hear you've taken your turn with your usual adventurous spirit.

Thanks for the upbeat well wishes Alan!

I feel fine now.

Now if I can just get the sleigh fixed up and find the reindeer...

Wine is the way to go!

Quote from: Connito on December 14, 2015, 12:05:11 PM

Wine is the way to go!

Or several beers...at Beer night  8)

Glad you extracted yourself with minimal damage to you and the moto after your tipple in the middle of the road. You would have been run over several times had that happened on the streets of China  :o

See you all Wednesday


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