March beer night!

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Ok so this is well overdue and first time in years we missed both Jan and Feb beer nights. We can do this! Meet for a beer next week and hey even ride since it is now Spring after all and the salt has all been washed away. Who knows maybe even Chris will roll up on his Boulevard  8)

Open to alternatives (we all know how that goes) but for now Ill suggest my new fav pub:

Where: Brickhouse Cafe:
When: 3/28 - 3/31 (my pref Wednesday but open to ideas)
Time: 7pm onwards

Spring ride routes/ideas to be discussed! Come on and have a beer!!

Hope to see someone there  ;)

Brickhouse is good, but parking is awful tight, and it seems to be pretty well packed on Wednesdays. (Must be a Prince spaghetti thing) If inspiration doesnt strike me, Brickhouse around 730 sounds good.

Looking forward to this!

I will be there!

Ok guys Wednesday it is. I am going to reserve a table for 6 of us if......Treeve? Old Peter? Alan? Anyone else? can confirm...otherwise we leave it to chance ;) 


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