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I guess I finally got tired of letting it sit, and as it was too dry to cut the grass today, and I was a bit run down anyway, I decided it was time to start repairing my SV.

I had not wanted to think about this bike, as the result of its current condition has caused the end of what was a nice friendship, a fair amount of dough, and will take much time to rectify.  But I couldn't stand looking at it or having it sit unattended among other bikes that were being utilized, so I took the tarp off and started.

I was able to salvage one of the CRG mirrors, but had to disassemble it to remove the daunting coating of gravel and engine oil that generally covered the bike. Luckily, although it shows some wear and tear, the mirror surface is not scratched, and the mirror is now ready to use again.

Feeling a bit more positive, I decided on a plan of action. I would  replace the radiator, front end, etc. And see if the bike would run before completely tearing it down. That will be done this coming winter, if all goes well.

I stripped the bad stuff off, some damaged bolts took a bit more time than others, rebent the coolant fan so that it would fit the new radiator, and hopefully work. Tomorrow, I will see if I can simply change fork oil in the used set of forks I found, as if I have to replace the seals, I am going to have to polish the lower legs which I had done previously and liked. I hope at don't have to take that time right now, as we are in the midst of the renovations for the house and garage here, and I don't have the time!
I will remove what ever oil is left in the engine, and hope that the reason that it leaked out at the accident site was due to ejection through the breather tube as the bike was upside down apparently. New coolant, and after replacing the clutch lever and perch, we will see whether the engine still works and retains oil, and perhaps as well if there is any life left in the tach, which is tough to find, as the fairing model uses a different set of insfruments, of course! Ugh, I forgot, that e subframe is also bent,  so if the engine runs, I will change that out and replace the broken and missing parts back there. Shouldn't be too bad in retrospect!

Anyway, it would be great to be able to run this beast again, hope it works out and I can deal with the stripping after the season!

Quote from: azure on July 17, 2016, 09:30:04 PM

...as the result of its current condition has caused the end of what was a nice friendship,

Forget the money, forget the bike...its just a motorcycle at the end of the day...but to cause your friendship to end? That I find hard to understand. Friends are not like motorcycles...they are not a lot of them. I hope that never happens to me.

Good luck fixing it up and I hope its worth it in the end.


I hope too, that neither you or anyone else here is ever in a similar situation!
Your response is natural, incompletely informed, and appreciated, thanks!

It was not the motorcycle that caused the rift Andy. It was because of conversations related to what happened, and lack of participation following, and perhaps would have occurred without this incident. The financial aspect was not a factor. Lack of empathy and understanding on both sides signalled a mutual loss of respect and trust.

My impetus for posting was partly to confim a certain antipathy that I sensed here in previous posts, to relate that there are two sides to every story. My need for posting motivated by my own need to understand, reawakened when I finally started working on the bike. I will not post further on this issue, apologize for doing so generally, preferring that subject matter here remain more upbeat.

I am looking forward to getting this bike back on the road, hoping that resurrecting and riding the bike will ameliorate
at least some of the negative aspects related to it.

All best to you all!

Alan F.:
(Also entirely uninformed and emotionally detatched...)

Bikes are bikes and friends are friends. Theres always a maintenance and repair aspect, sometimes things go awry, and sometimes things won't go back together even when the inclination is there.
Sometimes the best we can hope for is weld, grind, repeat.
And get rolling again.

Thanks Alan,

Much appreciated!


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