Vintage Bazaar in Salisbury-happening this year?


I know the Bazaar, or vintage market itself is happening September 24-25. I can't find anything recent about the motorcycle show they've been having on the Sunday. I went two years ago and it was a really good turnout of interesting bikes. I'll watch their Facebook page but in the meantime does anyone know about this?

Here's last year's flyer:

And they have a Facebook page:

Never heard of it but looks like an interesting show Id go to!

If you find out of its on let me know please!

I just read in their Facebook feed that they will not have the bike show this year. Not sure why, but it's too bad because they had a good turnout when I went two years ago. The Bazaar itself is still happening, though, so if you like antiques and such it's still a nice time.

I will be joining the Distinguished Gentlemen's Ride instead, which looks fun and if like to meet some of the other vintage bike fans in the area. I'll be joining the Portsmouth ride, and you all should too! Here's my page to give you an idea:


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