Gear and first aid discussion: warning on the video



Alan F.:
I finally had a chance to view the video on my laptop (kept hanging up on my phone as in the comments)
Because I have very little dirt or woods riding experience, I tend to be wary of any obstacles I encounter while on two wheels.
On the street I've come up against large plastic bags, cardboard boxes, the odd flying hubcap and some deep flooded areas to cross.
Riding in groups I tend to hang back and choose my own line, I'd rather chase than follow.
I'm guessing that if these riders left a second or two more between them that this guy may have had more milliseconds to adjust his approach. And while the rider behind our friend was able to stop in time, having more space would have afforded him a more controlled stop as well.
One good lesson is not to overconfidently ride in unfamiliar territory, trail maintenance doesn't exist everywhere and there will be obstacles like these.  I'm really glad he avoided the larger pointier piece of the trunk just a little bit further to his right, that would have been an entirely different headline...but I'm sure his buddy would have gotten it all on video.


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